KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raided an illegal office of hawala-hundi network and has arrested three accused from a flat at Dawood Pota Road Karachi and nearby area. The network was running from Dubai to Karachi, interior Sindh and Balochistan.

The FIA team of Corporate Crime Circle (CCC) arrested three accused allegedly involved in hawala-hundi network. The FIA team claimed that the agency has apprehended the main accused Abdul Fatah who was also the owner of this network.

According to the FIR, Abdul Fatah and his two accomplices were running a hawala-hundi network in Karachi, Larkana and other parts of interior Sindh and Balochistan. The FIA team seized mobiles, laptops of accused Abdul Fatah, Syed Javed Ali and Latif Dino Lakho.

The FIR said that accused Abdul Fatah in his statement accepted that he is running a Dubai based hawala-hundi network.

The main accused further disclosed in his statement that accused Syed Javed Ali and Latif Dino Lakho were working as employees and actively involved in the illegal business of Hawala Hundi. Accused Javed’s brother Waheed Ali is also involved in it.

According to the FIR, accused Abdul Fatah was in contact with 14 accused in Dubai and was collecting money from Dubai and UAE. FIR also claimed that the accused was running six different benami accounts in Karachi and interior Sindh.

Jabbar Mendhro, Inspector FIA CCC has registered FIR against accused Abdul Fatah, Syed Javed Ali and Latif Dino Lakho. Different teams have started further investigations regarding this network in Sindh and Balochistan and are conducting raids to arrest the remaining accused nominated in the FIR.


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