ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Hussain Chaudhary wants to change the State Emblem of Pakistan to add education and science to the emblem. 

Currently, Pakistan uses the state emblem—which was adopted in 1954—four insignias to represent the most important agricultural products of Pakistan. The choice to use the crops most widely grown in the country also highlight the agrarian character of the national economy. The four crops that are currently on the emblem are jute and tea (grown in erstwhile East Pakistan), and wheat and cotton (still grown in Pakistan as important crops). 

The minister expressed a desire to remove the jute and tea from the national emblem and include insignias for education and science instead. 

“In Government of Pakistan logo my suggestion is Jute and Tea should be replaced with Science & Technology and education icons,” said the minister.

He also requested graphic designers to send him their ideas for the new emblem. 

Designers also gave opinions as to what else can be included instead of tea and jute; one designer opined to include industry, welfare, science and agriculture. 


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