ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the President of Pakistan has also admitted that Imran Khan has lost the majority and now the PDM will decide for how long your speaker will remain in the chair.

Bilawal was speaking on Saturday at a meeting of the opposition parties in Sindh House Islamabad. Besides Bilawal, Maryam Nawaz and other leaders also addressed the gathering.

The PPP chairman said that the PDM’s only one victory has proved that the prime minister has lost the majority.

In an apparent reference to the assembly session, Bilawal said the PDM will now decide for how long you, your chief ministers, and your speaker will remain in the chair.

He said by winning a Senate seat, we have exposed this puppet system. At present, the country is being run by a selected puppet system had set a new record of restrictions on media, judiciary and political system.

Listing the achievements of the PPP, he said President Asif Zardari and allies jointly adopted 18th Amendment to the constitution. His family has been doing politics of service to the masses, he added.

“We do politics to give rights to nations. We never get a seat through the back door,” Bilawal continued.

He said when Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Maulana Fazal devise a plan, PTI cannot face their strategy.

He said Asif Zardari spent 13 years in jail and was honorably acquitted. But Imran Khan will not be acquitted of the crimes committed in the last three years, he maintained.

Bilawal criticised the government for the unruly behaviour and mistreatment of PML-N leaders by the PTI workers.

“We should condemn this incident, but Imran Khan neither condemned nor regretted the attack,” he said.

PPP worker does not raise his hand against any woman, Bilawal said and added that workers of Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, and Fazal-ur-Rehman do not behave in this manner.

MARYAM NAWAZ: The Pakistan Muslim League vice president was harsh on the government and said it is politically dead and is awaiting burial.

Maryam said the PDM and masses will bury the body together, so that it could not be exhumed.

She called Imran Khan a certified thief whom the Election Commission of Pakistan has given a certificate.

She dared Imran Khan to come out without security detail. Two twenty million people have been waiting for you with their shoes in their hands, Maryam clamied.

The PML-N vice president said that they used to say that she and Bilawal are on “Abu Bachao” (save father) mission. “But we do not need Abu Bachao campaign because Abu himself had to work day and night for the competition but today Pakistan saw the “Beta Bachao” (child rescue) campaign.”

Maryam said that he lost metal capabilities when Yousaf Raza Gilani won. He has faced defeat in the people’s court. Those who have been shielding Imran Khan should now accept the decision of the people, she added.

She called Imran Khan’s vote of confidence a fake vote.

She vehemently criticsed the government for maltreatment of the party leadership at D-Chowk and said that what happened in Islamabad today was similar to the situation in the US. Pakistani Trump tried to save himself as did the American Trump. But, like the American Trump, the days of Pakistani Trump are numbered, Maryam added.

She paid tribute to Ahsan Iqbal, Mariyam Aurangzeb and other PML-N leaders who were manhandled by the PTI workers.

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