The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Poland’s controversial disciplinary chamber for judges undercuts EU law.

Poland’s government stated, “Poland will continue reforms of the judiciary, also in the area of judges’ answerability, aimed at improving the efficiency of this system.”

“Scrapping the chamber would be part of the overhaul.” The government added.

Poland could face financial penalties if it fails to comply with the EU ruling.

Poland created the Disciplinary Chamber in 2017, which has the power to discipline all judges, even those of the Supreme Court.

It comprises judges selected by the National Council of the Judiciary, whose members are chosen by the parliament, where the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party holds a majority.

Many Polish judges have feared the chamber was a tool to pressure them to issue rulings that favoured the authorities.

Poland and the EU have been arguing for years over judicial reforms and the bloc has promised to take strong action against what it sees as a flouting of democratic norms.

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