Monday, Elon Musk gained $6.35 billion in New York trading, valuaing him at $192. Global investors piled into Tesla shares as optimism around investment in electronic vehicles grew. At present, Tesla is worth $707 billion. (Via Nairametics)

Bloomberg’s billionaire Index ranked Musk as the richest man in the world. With the car company Tesla’s prices rising by 3.88%, Musk posted record gains on Monday.

Global investors piled into shares of Tesla on Monday as optimism around governments investing in electric vehicles grew. The California-based car manufacturing company mostly deals with producing electric sedans and SUVs. 

“Today, no car can possibly function without electronics.” Musk had said. 

However, with the chip crisis, downsides remain. Musk informed that Tesla is experiencing a shortage of semiconductors. Which has lead other car manufacturers like Daimler to offer short term contracts.

Executives at Tesla recently held an artificial intelligence day where AI progress was showcased. The event also recruited new engineers. 

Earlier in a Tesla live stream, Musk had unveiled a humanoid robot, a machine learning product. The robot has been cited as a “game-changing breakthrough” for Tesla. 

Data collection, retraining, model reconditioning, and redeployment are all believed to contribute towards Tesla’s growth.

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