Electricity consumer will have to face another hike in tariff by Rs4.33 per unit under the head of fuel adjustment.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has sent a request to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) for increasing the power tariff.

NEPRA will hear on application on December 29.

In its application CPPA has written that in the month of November, 8.24 billion units of electricity were produced. Last month, the cost of power generation was 66 billion. Diesel and furnace oil generated the most expensive electricity up to Rs20 to Rs27 per unit. LNG produced electricity from Rs17 to Rs26 per unit.

Electricity was imported from Iran at the cost of Rs13 to Rs35 per unit. On line losses electricity of Rs20 was used.

If NEPRA approves, the consumers will have additional burden of Rs40 billion.

It may be recalled that NEPRA had last approved a hike in the tariff at the beginning of November, announcing an increase of Rs1.68 per unit.

A notification had stated that the increased rates will not be applicable to those who consumed 200 or fewer units of electricity.


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