The first trailer of Dhai Chaal, a movie based on the story of Indian RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav, played by Shamoon Abbasi, is out. The film is told through the lens of a journalist, played by Ayesha Omar, and it explores the political atmosphere in Balochistan at the time. Jadhav was convicted and sentenced to death in 2017 by a military tribunal for spying.

“And it’s here!!!! The first trailer for Dhai Chaal based on Kulbhushan Jadhav. Yeh Bollywood nahi hai Jahan tum Indians har jang jeet jatay ho [This is not Bollywood where you Indians win every battle].’ This is a humble tribute to our beloved actor Rasheed Naz,” Omar captioned her post.

The trailer features scenes quickly flashing by — operatives discussing Indian spies, a journalist, a protest and Jadhav’s story.

Ayesha had said “she will play Kanwal, a journalist who’s trying to give the real picture of what’s happening in the region.”

She said the story is covered through the lens of Kanwal who is a hardworking, resilient and determined realist who is blunt and believes in taking people at face value.

“The story is about Balochistan, it’s about foreign entities there and how the people of Balochistan sacrificed a lot and went through a lot of hard times to regain peace in the region. It’s about everything they gave up; it’s the story of students, of journalists,” added Omar.

Abbasi said: “My role is based on the events of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the RAW agent from India that was appointed to create chaos in the region of Balochistan and damage any relation between Pakistan and China.”

Ayesha shared, “it’s a team of young people, energetic and hard-working kids from universities in Balochistan. They’ve all been working day and night and love working from the heart.”

Directed by Taimoor Sherazi and produced by Dr. Irfan Ashraf, the film’s cast also includes Humayoun Ashraf, Adnan Shah Tipu, Taqi Ahmed, Saleem Meraj, Areej Chaudhary, Faraz Marri, Jamal Gilani, Pakiza Khan and Anya Hassan.

Abbasi had earlier said that the movie was expected to come out in Feb 2020. However, the trailer said the film will release “this summer”.


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