Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrats on Monday submitted a resolution in House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting violence in the US capital Washington DC on January 6.

Democrats say the House would vote on the resolution on Wednesday unless Vice President Mike Pence invokes 25th Amendment of the constitution to remove Trump from office.

Pence does not support the idea.

Pelosi had earlier declared Trump “an imminent threat to our constitution, our country and the American people,” and called for his immediate removal from the office.

Calls for Trump’s resignation, removal from office or impeachment have grown among Democrats and some Republicans since the Capitol riots that claimed five live.

The impeachment resolution accuses the president of “encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol building as November election was being stolen from him.”

Trump failed to produce any evidence to prove his claim and also a number of lost lawsuits.

Trump could not make any public statement as he was removed by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The White House has, however, dismissed the threat as “politically motivated”.

Trump will leave the office on 20 January, when Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. He has said he will not attend the swearing-in ceremony.

This is the second time Democrats have moved to impeach Trump. In December 2019, the House impeached him on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. But the Senate acquitted him in February 2020.

The prospect of his impeachment are bleak this time too as Trump has support in Senate.

No US president has ever been impeached twice.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at info@thecorrespondent.com.pk.


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