Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said on Sunday that Imran Khan’s narrative is alive, as the vote count in Daska is a testament to this. The comments came in reaction to the by-election in the hotly contested Daska NA-75 where the PML-N candidate defeated PTI.

The minister further commented that democracy won in the Daska by-election. Even with the most free-and-fair election, the PMLN only barely won the seat, he commented, we have won even while losing the election.

The PTI candidate still lost by a thin margin, the minister said while talking to the media, we are proud that Imran Khan has a sizable vote bank in Daska till this day. “This refutes the impression that Imran Khan’s narrative is no longer popular with the public, as Asjad Ali Malhi’s votes in the Daska election were proof that Imran Khan’s narrative is alive.”

“Wrestlers enter the ring [to contest] but only one emerges the winner”, the minister said.

Commenting on the rising inflation and food prices, Sheikh Rasheed said that the government is trying to control inflation and the prime minister is fighting a battle against all mafias in the country. “PM Imran Khan is monitoring inflation in the country himself on a daily basis,” he added.

Referring to the internal difference of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), he said that it was the PTI s luck that it had to deal with such an inept opposition.


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