According to a document released by Wikileaks, the CIA used “feminism” in order to convince Western nations to intervene in Afghanistan.

This was an attempt to control public reaction so as to garner support for occupying Afghanistan.

It began when the Dutch government expressed concern at occupying Afghanistan. They were reluctant, like many other nations, to enter Afghanistan.

In order to counter this, the CIA began to show a picture of Afghanistan as drab and dreary, where it was a miserable country for women.

The proposed PR strategies by the CIA focused on the pressure groups and identified the elements in Western countries that were not willing to send troops to Afghanistan. The CIA heated such elements that were in favor of the war and deployments. France participated in the war for the sympathy of Afghan women and the public. Germany was under the fear of dire consequences of the defeat (more refugees, drugs, and the probability of terrorism) and for the position in NATO.

To target the public opinion in these countries, the CIA intentionally and deliberately manipulated the memo and put these countries into war. This was classified as confidential.


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