ISLAMABAD:  A Central Development Working Party (CDWP) meeting, presided over by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, cleared twelve development projects with a cumulative cost of Rs. 30.32bn and recommended one project worth Rs. 27.9bn to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for further consideration.

Senior officials from Planning Commission and Federal Ministries/Divisions also participated in the meeting while representatives from Provincial Governments participated through video conferences. 

Projects related to Transport & Communications, Education, Information Technology, Physical Planning & Housing, and Industries & Commerce were considered in the meeting.

Nine projects related to Transport & Communications presented in the meeting namely “Construction of Blacktopping of Road from Pirwkoh to Peer Sohri Darbar (17 km)” worth Rs. 371.66 million and “Constructor of Flyer overs at Various Locations of Quetta City to Mitigate Traffic Congestion” worth Rs. 3053.49 million and “Construction of Black Top Road from Sui to Chakar Marri via Lehaq Qaisrani, Ashiqani, District Dera Bugti” worth rs. 275.642 million and “Construction of Black Topping of Road from Pirkoh to Pathar Nala” worth Rs. 380.500 million and Construction of Blacktopping Road from Sui to Bijo Qabristan Asreli, District Dera Bugti” worth Rs. 438.250 million and Feasibility for Road Sector Projects of Government of Balochistan” worth Rs. 507.477 million and “Construction and Rehabilitation Tourism Highway from Lower Topa Murree to Chowk Pindori via Kotli Sattian, District Rawalpindi” worth Rs. 4039.788 million and “Dualization of Road from Lahore Sargodha, Khushab & Mianwali Road (Reach km No 206.94 to 267.37) district Khushab” worth Rs.  9400 million and “Dualization of Road from Salam to Sargodha via Bhalwal Ajnala Road District Sargodha (Length 47 Km)” worth Rs. 7400 million approved by CDWP forum.

A project related to Education presented in the meeting namely “Establishment of National Curriculum Council (NCC) Secretariat” worth Rs. 433.85 million approved in the meeting.

A project related to Information Technology presented in the meeting namely “Pakistan Optical Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-02)” worth Rs. 27913.567 million referred to ECNEC for further approval. The execution agency of the project is SUPARCO and the location of the project would be three cities Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The project will support the National Security and Socio-Economic uplift of the country due to enhance capability in detection, identification and performing meaningful analysis. 

A project related to Physical Planning & Housing presented in the meeting namely “Rehabilitation of Old Town of Gwadar, (Provision of Missing Facilities)” worth Rs. 4000 million approved by the CDWP forum. 

A project related to Industries & Commerce presented in the meeting namely “Feasibility Study and Infrastructure Construction of the Establishment of Karachi Industrial Park on 1500 Acres of Pakistan Steel Mills at Karachi” worth Rs. 20 million approved in the meeting.


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