A Federal Cabinet session, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, is scheduled to approve the salary of retired Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Broadsheet commission chairman.

The meeting will consist of a plethora of agendas including the country’s socio-economic and political status with special emphasis on projects such the Coronavirus Emergency Fund, Islamabad’s Metro Bus, and the Pakistan Institute of Education Bill 2021.

Along with this, the session will also focus on the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’s long march scheduled for March 26, 2021.

The Broadsheet saga commenced in 2000 in the Musharraf era when the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) hired Broadsheet LLC, a UK-based international assets recovery company registered in the tax haven of Isle of Man. The company was hired to track the illegally accumulated wealth of politicians and it signed the Asset Recovery Agreement on June 20, 2000, on the terms that the company would get 20% of the value of recovered assets. 

Kaveh Moussavi had been increasingly vocal on social media regarding the entire episode, stating that the NAB engaged Broadsheet and signed an agreement to investigate 200 people.

He claimed that the government owed them $100 million for investigation and recovery from six individuals. He also asserted that the firm had delivered proofs of Nawaz Sharif’s London Apartments in 2000. Broadsheet demanded $21.5 million for arranging proof. 

The Pakistan government paid $31 million in December 2020, including the interest payment.


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