Important files related to the Broadsheet scandal have been stolen from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law and Attorney General’s Office, and the record of $1.5 million payment to “someone other than the Broadsheet Company” has also gone missing in London.

The Broadsheet Inquiry Commission, headed by Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed Sheikh completed its probe into the scandal and reportedly sent the 100-page report to the Prime Minister’s office on Monday.

Sources claimed that all the “relevant record in Pakistan and Britain has been stolen. There is no entry in the file to whom $1.5 were paid.

According to sources, attached to the report are documents and statements of various personalities quizzed by the commission.

Sources said that the report has termed the payment of $1.5 million as a fraud with the state of Pakistan and said that the payment cannot be called a mere negligence.

SWISS CASE AGAINST ZARDARI: Meanwhile, the Broadsheet Commission also took up the issue of Swiss cases against former president Asif Ali Zardari and the recommended to the NAB to open the sealed record of cases.

The commission report also recommends that the NAB record should be unsealed and reviewed to decide what action should be taken against the people involved in wrongdoings, if any.

Record of Swiss cases were delivered to Pakistan in 12 diplomatic bags. All records of Swiss cases are in NAB storeroom. The report also includes pictures and indexes of the diplomatic bags.

The commission was set up on January 29 to probe the Broadsheet scandal and formally launched its probe on February 9. The opposition had refused to accept the single member commission on various charges, including that the former justice is on the board of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital which is working under Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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