An explosives laden truck was blown on a bridge in Arghandab district of southern Kandahar province on Wednesday afternoon, damaging the structure, said police.

No injury or death was reported.

The strategically located bridge in the Sarkar-e-Baghl area in Arghandab is considered “a battle line for both security forces and the Taliban.”

The police claimed that the attack was carried out by the Taliban. But there is no word from the Taliban.

Arghandab, Zherai, Dand and Pajwai districts have witnessed clashes between the government forces and the Taliban in the last few months.

According to the refugees and repatriation directorate of Kandahar, more than 11,000 families have been displaced due to battle in the province.

The Ministry of Defence in a statement on Wednesday said that at least 19 Taliban were killed in a security forces operation with air support in Arghandab and Panjwai districts of Kandahar province in the last 24 hours. 


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