The bodies of the three missing mountaineers, Ali Sadapara, John Snorri and Juan Pablo Mohar, has been found, confirmed by the Gilgit Baltistan Information Minister Fateh Ullah Khan on Monday.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, JP Mohr and John Snorri had gone missing from the bottleneck of K2 on Feb 5th. The search operation was called off a few days later when the bodies were not found. On Feb 18th, the three were declared dead.

The rescue team found a dead body above Camp 4, belongings of which resonated with the possession of one of the missing mountaineers.

A search operation is underway to recover their bodies.

In an official statement, Alpine Club of Pakistan secretary Karrar Haidri confirmed that the bodies were “found near the bottle neck of K-2 8611-M”.

“It is very difficult to bring the dead bodies down from the high altitude, Army Aviation is helping in this regard”, said Karrar Haidri in the statement.

He added that the Icelandic mountaineer, John Snorii’s “body will be moved to Iceland as requested by his wife Lina”. Whereas the mother and sister of Chilean mountaineer, John Pablo, “has decided to bring back the dead body to their country”.

Finally Karrar Haidri expressed his condolences, “May they rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers with families of climbers”.


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