US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stressed on “some sort of political agreement between Afghans” so that peace could be restored to the war-torn country.

“It is very important to speed up diplomacy in the negotiation process, because everyone knows that war is no solution to the Afghan conflict,” Blinken said while talking to CNN’s Dana Bash.

He said that the US and NATO approach to Afghanistan was clear.

“We went there together, we were in harmony in different situations, and we will go out together at the right time,” Blinken added.

“One of the important things was to share not only our views on the review of the Doha agreement, including the May 1 deadline for the withdrawal, but also views and ideas of our allies on the situation,” he said of the recent meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

On coronavirus pandemic, Blinken said the Biden administration would not take punitive action against China for its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and instead stressed the importance of planning for and mitigating a future pandemic.

On Russia, whose aggressive behavior is a key concern of both the US and NATO alliance, Blinken said the administration would “take necessary actions at a time and place of our choosing.” He declined to give specific details.


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