The Balochistan cabinet approved the province’s first digital policy on Monday. The 2020-21 policy outlines goals to provide e-governance and public access to digital services in the province, alongside inexpensive and high-speed internet facility. It also aims to promote Information Communication Technologies (ICT) companies in Balochistan through digital capability, digital economy, software and Information Techonology (IT) parks. A state-of-the-art centralised data centre will also be established in the province by the government.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan presided over the cabinet meeting. He also approved a bill to amend the rules drafted under the Balochistan Tourist Guides Act, 2014; the Balochistan Vaccination Ordinance, 1958; and the Balochistan Education Council, 2021 draft bill.

In the meeting, the cabinet also approved Draft Amendments to Public-Private Partnership Rules, Balochistan Government Employees Benevolent Fund (Disbursement) Rules; Amendment to Balochistan Civil Servant (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 2009; Amendment to Balochistan Government Rules of Business, 2012; and Balochistan Public Procurement Rules, 2014.

The cabinet also approved Rs 111.8 million for compensation to the victims of the August 13, 2020 earthquake in Basima and Koregi, two Union Councils of Washuk District.

It also approved a project to improve and rehabilitate Lakhra to Kanki Bridge Awaran Road, and approved funds to increase security measures in Kalat.

Additionlly, the cabinet approved the formation of a joint cabinet sub-committee for assessment of areas in Balochistan affected by natural disasters like drought, floods, and snowfall.

It also decided to formulate a policy for the protection and better breeding of cattle, and prevention of infectious diseases in cattle, as well as policy for poultry production in the province.

The cabinet meeting was also briefed by secretary minerals on the current situations of Reko Diq International Arbitration, Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company, and Balochistan Mineral Resources Limited. Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan told the meeting that his government would have to implement a comprehensive strategy to promote investment in the mineral sector, along with other productive sectors in Balochistan.


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