Balochistan awards monthly stipend to ailing artists

A monthly stipend of Rs30,000 including a medical grant has been granted to deserving and indisposed artists in Balochistan.

So far 1200 artists have been registered, while the list grows. Many artists including old legends and new blood suffer financially. An Artist Endowment Fund was set up to offer assistance to these artists.

Balochistan’s Chief Minister Jam kamal directed the endowment fund to be increased by Rs200 million for the welfare of the artists. Since the Outbreak of Covid-19, the situation has further deteriorated, driving additional artists out of business. The government allocated a special relief package of Rs50 million.

The government is also working to provide the artists with opportunities to display their talent. And has arranged workshops for music/video editing, painting and photography to equip the youth with modern art skills.


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