Protests took place in many metropolitan cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Diego. Pro-Trump protestors were chanting for the votes to be stopped counting, whereas other protestors were protesting for all the votes to be counted. 

In New York, where Biden won, police arrested many people on Wednesday night after what appeared to be peaceful protests. They say a group of people started setting trash fires and “attempted to hijack” the protest. 

Police made arrests In Minneapolis, Minnesota after protestors blocked a highway. In Portland, Oregon, the governor activated the National Guard as police, after protests there turned into a riot, and police arrested those involved. These riots involved people smashing down shop windows and confronting the police and the National Guard.  Not only were they protesting the vote-count, but also racial inequality. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, where Trump is trailing Biden but is closing the gap, around 150 Trump supporters, some of whom were armed, protested outside of the county’s vote counting centre. They were also saying that the county official overseeing the vote-counting was throwing out Trump ballots in an attempt to defeat Trump. There is no evidence of this happening. 

In Detroit, Michigan, a separate group of Trump supporters gathered outside a vote-counting centre, chanting “stop the count”. This comes after the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to stop the count in Michigan. 

Metropolis cities are expecting more protests in the days to come, as the result of the election will certainly rattle many people in the country. 


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