KARACHI: All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) today met with Member Inland Revenue Operations, Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed, and his team to appreciate the remarkable efforts to resolve pending cases/issues to streamline operations pertinent to tax refunds, concessionary tariff rates and FASTER System. 

Shahid Sattar, Executive Director & Secretary General, APTMA, lauded Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed and his team for dealing with the matters in an excellent and highly professional manner and for the persistence in addressing concerns affecting the industry. Mr Sattar also recognized the endeavours to improve FBR’s systems, FASTER and WeBOC, making them efficient and upgrading them for quick processing of refunds.

There are minor issues pending at FBR which were highlighted for their quick resolution including pending RPOs (pre-2019), concessionary tariff rates, tax returns related to the post-refund audit of companies, the reflection of tax-returns on FBR’s system etc. We are thankful to FBR for acknowledging the issues and committing to resolve them at the earliest.  .


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