Singer-actor Ali Zafar just released a new song titled Maula, which is the first single from his upcoming album Husn, his first in 11 years.

Maula was released on YouTube on April 2. It is a “Sufi song of devotion” composed, arranged and produced by Zafar himself. The lyrics are written by Kaamil Hyderabadi.

The music video, directed by Waleed Akram, was shot at the ‎Sheesh Mahal at the Lahore Fort and shows the singer joined by a group of mystical dancers engrossed in Sufi whirling. In Sufism, the purpose behind the ritual of whirling is to empty oneself of all distracting thoughts and enter a trance-like state.

“We all go through our journey and perceive life in different ways. My upcoming album Husn reflects a certain journey I have gone through as an artist,” said the Chal Dil Meray singer.

“For me, the most beautiful experience has been the path to an unknown discovery that transcends beyond the realm of reality created by our five senses in the mind that we tend to perceive as ‘reality’,” he said, adding that “once on that journey, we begin to understand that there is something more to us and our existence where there are no agreements or disagreements.”

“Because there is no conversation,” he said. “Just music in silence and the light inside the darkness. Something that can only be expressed through the language of music. And that is the beauty of it. The ‘husn’.”

Husn is Ali Zafar’s fourth album and is being released almost 11 years after 2011 album Jhoom. It will be released after Ramazan and the singer will be gradually releasing tracks from the album as singles.


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