Afghanistan prepares to “arm and mobilise” its civilians against the Taliban

Armed men attend a gathering to announce their support for Afghan security forces and that they are ready to fight against the Taliban, on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan June 23, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer. (

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani prepares for civil war by arming civilians to counter the Taliban and prevent them from taking over the government.

Bloomberg reported that Ghani felt the peace talks with the Taliban had failed. Afghanistan has been isolated after the Taliban have won the diplomatic support of Pakistan, China and Russia. Ghani’s only option now is to unite his civilians, with the help of warlords to withstand the Taliban forces.

Ghani’s Spokesperson claimed that the Afghan government is open for negotiations but the Taliban do not believe in peace talks.

“We want Peace, but they want surrender”, he stated. “They are trying to grab power by force and such acts are not acceptable to the people and government of Afghanistan”, he added.

Taliban have now taken over the sixth Afghan capital, and toppling the governement seems like a matter of time.

American President Joe Biden has refused to return to Afghanistan amidst the rising tensions. He stated that teh faith of Afghanistan’s people was in their own hands now. He added that he would not subject another American generation to fight a 20 year war in Afghanistan.

In the upcoming three day peace talks in Doha, representatives from variuos countries and multilateral organizations will push the Taliban for a ceasefire.


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