Three people, including the head of Takhar Ulema Council, were killed in different incidents in Afghanistan on Wednesday as efforts to restore peace to the war torn country are continuing.

Maulvi Abdul Samad Mohammadi, the head of Takhar Ulema Council, was killed when his car was blown up by a magnetic mine in the afternoon.

Takhar police say the blast took place in the city of Taloqan. Three people were injured in the blast.

In another incident in Balakh, two civilians, including a child, were killed and 16 others, including three army personnel, were wounded in a landmine blast.

Adel Shah Adel, a spokesman for the Balakh police, said that the incident took place at 1pm in Bandar-e-Kulft, the capital of Balkh district.

He said that the injured were taken to hospital for treatment.

No group, including the Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the blast.


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