The leadership committee of the High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan on Saturday approved the guidelines for the peace negotiations between the government team and the Taliban, the council said in a statement.

Comprising prominent Afghan politicians, the leadership committee discussed the peace process, the start of the second round of the talks and reiterated their full support to the Afghan negotiating team, the statement added.

They also exchanged views on the guideline for the talks and insisted on unity and inclusivity, head of the council Abdullah Abdullah later said in a tweet.

Members of the committee, including former president Hamid Karzai and former mujahideen leader Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, were of the view that meetings should be held at regular interval to review progress in peace talks.

Abdullah Abdullah told the participants that the negotiating team has full authority. The team would keep the committee updated about the negotiations and refer to the committee any issue requiring consultations and decision-making, he added.

The second round of peace talks will be held in Qatar capital Doha today during which ceasefire and type of future government will be discussed. The Afghan government negotiating team reached Doha last week.

In the first round of talks that lasted three months, the two sides agreed on procedural rules for the negotiations. 

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