Afghan delegation reaches Islamabad as Taliban takeover Kabul

Afghan Delegation in Islamabad, 15th August 2021/

A high level delegation arrived in Islamabad to discuss matters of mutual interest; informed Pakistan’s Special Representative of Afghanistan, Mohammad Sadiq, via his twitter.

A senior officer stated that Pakistan intended to host the foreign ministers of the regional countries concerning the situation in Afghanistan (Via Express Tribune). The conference is expected to include the neighbours of Afghanistan, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey.

Pakistan, being the neighbour, is a major stakeholder in Afghanistan’s situation. With Ashraf Ghani fleeing Afghanistan, the Afghans stand right where they started twenty years ago. Civil war and unrest in Afghanistan will not only engulf pakistan but also impact the entire region.

Meanwhile the US is forcing Pakistan to take in Afghan refugees. Recently, Pakistan also denied America’s request to operate from within Pakistan’s bases. Many elements in Afghanistan and America blame Pakistan for its role in the worsening situation within Afghanistan. But with an already suffering economy and infrastructure Pakistan cannot afford an influx of millions of refugees.


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