If the Taliban think that they will take over the country through military power after the withdrawal of foreign forces, this will be a miscalculation, said Afghanistan High Council of National Reconciliation head Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday.

He said that it is the time for Afghans to sit together and resolve their disputes instead of wasting the time by waging war.

“If someone thinks that with the withdrawal of foreign forces the issue will be resolved militarily, this means a prescription for the continuation of the war, so no one should make this miscalculation,” Abdullah said.

“When it is clear that foreigners are no longer here after four months, it is the time that we find a way out on our own to avoid another war in the future. There should be no foreign fighters in our country in the future — this is the solution — the solution is not in wasting time,” he added.

“What this means to the people is that international aid to Afghanistan will be cut off. We will no longer expect help. The world’s interest in Afghanistan will be cut off. I think it does not mean that, but it will mean the continuation of cooperation in another way,” Abdullah continued, referring to the continuation of foreign aid to Afghanistan in the post-withdrawal era.

Abdullah said that until now it is not clear whether the Taliban will participate in the Istanbul conference or not; however, he said that there is not a second alternative to the conflict except peace.


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