President Ashraf Ghani has said at a cabinet meeting that a new chapter has opened in Kabul’s relations with Washington and that the United States recognises Afghanistan as its fundamental partner.

He said that the US is expeditiously reviewing its agreement with the Taliban. He expressed his optimism that after that, the US government will consult with Kabul to reach a “joint roadmap for the agreement.”

“A new chapter has opened in our relationship with our main partner, the United States, which will continue. The form of our relationship will be at the highest level of government-to-government,” he added.

“A quick review of the US deal with the Taliban will be carried out by the US National Security Committee, followed by a substantive consultation with us,” Ghani maintained.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban negotiating team, said that the group was committed to fulfilling its obligations under the Doha agreement and stressed that the group would have no problem if the new US administration’s goal was to obtain information about the agreement.

“We are committed to the commitments we have made, and we want the other side to fulfill its obligations,” he added.

“I think Mr Joe Biden will continue the Afghan peace process, and it would be a bit far-fetched for him to prioritise Afghanistan at this time,” said Idris Rahmani, Afghanistan-US Policy Officer on the Afghanistan Peace Process.

Earlier, President Ghani met Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, and discussed with him peace process, regional issues, the escalation of violence and the provision for ceasefire.

“There was concern about the escalation of violence and its impact on US deal, and peace in Afghanistan,” said Dawakhan Minhapal, the vice president’s spokesman.

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