35 suspects detained in Minar-e-Pakistan harassment case

The 35 suspects will be investigated by checking their phone locations, their social media records and matching their faces.

The suspects were arrested from Ravi Road, Badami Bagh, Lari Adda and Shafiqabad in Lahore. Twenty of the suspects have been released after the initial investigation.

The IG Punjab Iman Ghani stated that the case was being taken care of at priority basis. The IG has asked NADRA to help identify the men in the videos by utilising the face identification feature. He also welcomed the public to come forward with any information they had on the 400 culrpits.

On 14th of August, a woman was robbed and harassed for two hours by 400 men in Minar-e-Pakistan Iqbal park. Later on, videos surfaced on the internet showing men tearing at the woman’s clothes, passing her around like a toy while she cried for help.

The woman claimed that she was there with her friends shooting a tiktok when the men attacked her. She said that two or three men did try to help her but were outnumbered 1 to 100. The men also snatched her gold jewellry and her friend’s money.

A committee has been arranged to look into the negligience of the police force. The unimaginable incident instilled a new fear in the country’s woman. With each passing day it becomes difficult to deny that Pakistan is no longer safe for its women.


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