At least 20 members of an Afghan Army’s special unit were killed in clash with the Taliban in the northern province of Faryab on Wednesday, a security official who wished not to be named said on Thursday.

The clash started in Dawlat Abad district of the province after the commandos and local troop were launched a clearing operation in the district, according to the source.  

“At least 23 commandos were killed and six policemen were wounded in the clashes,” the source said.  

The security forces have retreated from the center of the district after heavy clashes and have stationed in Qaramqol district in Faryab following the clashes, the source said. 

Sohrab Azimi was one of the special forces officers who received military training in the US as well as Turkey. He was retired Gen Zahir Azimi’s son who is a former spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. 

In a social media post, Azimi confirmed his son’s death in the clashes and said he is “proud of his martyrdom.” 

Azimi said that his son and his colleagues did their duty proudly and courageously and sacrificed their lives for defending the country. 

The center of Dawlat Abad district has fallen to the Taliban a week ago following heavy clashes. 

Violence remains high in the country amidst a stalled peace process. Official sources on Wednesday reported fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in at least 80 districts in a day. 

According to the sources, over 100 Taliban fighters and 90 security force members were killed during this period. Neither the Taliban nor the government has provided numbers of casualties. 


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