Reports have emerged of a 14 year old girl allegedly being gang raped in Karachi. Police officials, however, state that limited progress has been made in the investigation because the victim and her family have not yet shown up in court.

A video of a minor being sexually assaulted in Karachi’s Memon Goth went viral on social media, inciting deep outrage. Consequently, police officials arrested four suspects and extracted their statements. However, the case has come to a standstill because the victim has not appeared in court yet, police officials claim.

Earlier this week, during a question-and-answer session Sunday on live television, Prime Minister Imran Khan issued controversial remarks in response to a caller’s question.

When asked if the government is taking steps to address the rise of incidents of sexual violence in the country, Imran Khan condemned crimes against women and children. He followed this, however, by saying such acts are the result of growing fahashi [vulgarity] and indecency due to negative influences from Bollywood, Hollywood, and the west.

He added that such acts can be prevented through purdah [covering up], the Islamically ordained concept of modesty.

The prime minister’s comments soon became the subject of condemnation by humans rights bodies and regular citizens, who were appalled that the premier linked criminal acts like rape and pedophilia to immodest clothing and media. Many pointed out that Imran Khan’s comments were irresponsible and shifted blame from the perpetrators to the victims of such violence.


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