US president Joe Biden has ordered the Department of Justice and other concerned agencies to begin a six-month process of declassification of the FBI’s investigations into the al-Qaeda’s attacks. The survivors and victims of the family, who believe Saudi Arabia is linked to the 9/11 attack, demanded a probe into the attack.

The orders passed on Friday to uncover the investigation was made days before the 20th anniversary of the attack and a month after a moving letter was received, co-authored by the survivors, and the family members of the victims of 9/11. Nearly 3,000 victims blamed US officials that deliberately kept the documents- which proves Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attack, folded under their sleeves.

Biden responded in a statement on Friday that As he made the commitment to be transparent regarding the 9/11 attack, He is ordering to uncover the secrets of the attack. He added that he has signed an executive order that the Justice and other related departments will prepare a declassification review of documents related to the FBI and the documents will be made public over the next six months.

In August, a letter was received in which 1,700 people directly affected by the attack demanded to skip the anniversary memorial events if the documents are not released.

The letter embedded in concise information and detailed facts about the attack demanded a public inquiry into the investigation and blamed the FBI and the Department of Justice for being involved in concealing the ‘full truth about the 9/11 attack’.

Biden opened a review of the classified documents immediately after the letter was received.

The story of the family seeking the truth is long sought. Families have been asking for years to know the truth related to the devastating attack when Al-Qaeda operatives crashed three planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Newyork and the Pentagon outside Washington, DC.

Fifteen of the 19 attackers were from Saudi Arabia yet no evidence was found against the Saudi government being involved directly in the attack. However, the option that individual Saudi officials may have been involved is still open for the victims.


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