Arizona (11)

Although Trump won Arizona in 2016, he hasn’t led the state since March and Biden is doing better than Clinton was in polls. The Democratic Senate candidiate Mark Kelly also has a wide lead over his GOP counterpart Martha McSally, which may help Biden’s chances. Arizona is leaning towards Biden. 

Florida (29)

Florida is perhaps the most important swing-state since it has the most electoral votes of all battle-ground states. Although the summer polls were leaning towards Biden, Trump’s campaign has been campaigning there relentlessly and it remains a toss-up state.  

Georgia (16)

Georgia has voted Republican every election for the past 6 elections. Even though Trump won Georgia comfortably in 2016, polls are showing it to be a toss-up state this year which can swing either way.

Iowa (6)

Republicans have won over the support of working class whites in Iowa and it is a state that Trump won easily in 2016. Iowa is leaning Republican again this time around, but some polls are showing Biden neck and neck with Trump.  

Ohio (18)

Ohio is another key battleground state with 18 electoral votes up for grabs. It is leaning red but Democrats could win if there is a high Black turnout. 

Michigan (16)

Historically Michigan has been Democratic but in recent years has turned into a swing-state. Trump very narrowly won the state in 2016 but it seems to be leaning blue this time around according to polls. 

North Carolina (15)

North Carolina consists or urban cities with communities of professionals, Black voters and college students, and suburban areas that are rural, whiter and more conservative. Voter turnout is crucial to winning North Carolina.  

Pennsylvania (20)

Democrats won Pennsylvania in 2004, 2008, and 2012 until Trump narrowly beat Clinton in 2016. Biden has been virtually campaigning in Pennsylvania and hopes to win his home-state, which appears to be leaning blue this year. 

Wisconsin (10)

According to polls, Wisconsin is leaning Democrat this year. Trump is relying on rural, blue-collar white voters to have a big turnout and make the state vote in his favour. 

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