UNICEF said on Monday that it plans to ship nearly 2 billion does of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries in 2021, adding that it is currently collaborating with over 350 airlines and freight companies in order to ensure the delivery of vaccines and a billion syringes to developing countries such as Burundi, Afghanistan and Yemen. 

“This invaluable collaboration will go a long way to ensure that enough transport capacity is in place for this historic and mammoth operation,” director of UNICEF’s Supply Division, Etleva Kadilli stated.

This project is part of COVAX, a global COVID-19 vaccine allocation plan launched in April by the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission and France in response to the pandemic.

“We need all hands on deck as we get ready to deliver COVID-19 vaccine doses, syringes and more personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers around the globe,” Kadilli further reinstated.

The G-20 summit that took place earlier this week resulted in the top 20 economies committing to securing an equal and just distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, especially for poorer countries.


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