Farmers protesting against new agricultural laws march near Ambala, India, on Nov. 26. Source: AFP/Getty Images

Farmers in India remain on the outskirts of capital New Delhi for the 31st consecutive day protesting against three controversial laws enacted by Modi government. Farmers unions, however, decided on Saturday to hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of holding talks with the Centre.

After Premier Narendra Modi’s invitation of talks in a virtual address on Friday, the unions had discussed the latest letter, with some of them indicating that they may decide to resume talks to find a solution to the ongoing deadlock.

One of the protesting unions’ leaders said their demand for a minimum support price would not be compromised, “We will have another meeting to consider the government’s offer. We may decide to resume talks as it appears through its previous letters that it has not been able to understand our issues so far,” he said.

The government’s letters have no concrete proposals, the reason why farmer unions may decide to hold fresh talks and make it understand their demands.

“Minimum support price demand would not be separated from our demand for repealing these three laws. In these laws, there is mention about private markets. Who will ensure that our crop is sold at a fixed price if it is not there?” another leader added.


On Friday, several unions held a meeting without a consensus on the government’s latest offer. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Joint Secretary Vivek Aggarwal wrote a letter to unions and invited them for fresh talks, but made it clear that the minimum support price demand may not be included in agenda.

Meanwhile, Gujarat Police detained supporters of former chief minister Shankersinh Vaghela on Saturday outside Gandhi Ashram as they commenced their protest march towards New Delhi. Vaghela had announced protest march towards Delhi from Ahmedabad to support the protesting farmers in the national capital. Currently, he is in under detention at his residence


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