US President Donald Trump may face impeachment for the second time if the Democrats move ahead with their plan to remove him.

Angry at Trump for his role in Wednesday’s invasion of the US Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would move forward with impeachment if he did not resign immediately.

The House Democrats are set to introduce the charge of “incitement of insurrection” on Monday.

President-elect Joe Biden said it was Congress to take a decision in this regard. However, he had thought that Trump was not fit for the job.

The impeachment bill, drafted by Ted Lieu of California and David Cicilline of Rhode Island during Wednesday’s riots, has 160 signatures of Democrats.

If the process does go ahead, it would be the second time the House has pursued impeachment against President Trump.

In December 2019, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, but Senate acquitted him in February 2020.

No US president has ever been impeached twice. However, the prospect of an impeachment seems unlikely because of Trump’s support in the Senate.

If impeached, Trump would be the third US president to have been removed from office.

The two others, Bill Clinton in 1999 and Andrew Johnson in 1868, were left in office by the Senate.

President Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

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