“Pakistan has eradicated all organised terrorist structures during the last ten years, which has reduced suicide attacks by 90%. Today, there is no organised terrorist structure in Pakistan,” said Major Gen Iftikhar Babar, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations, said in a media briefing. He said Army Chief will visit Quetta this week.

He said Pakistan’s state writ was only in 37% tribal areas in 2007-08, now Pakistan has writ over all the tribal areas. He said terrorist attacks dropped 42% during 2020. He added that Operation Raddul Fasad had consolidated the gains made in the last decade.

The DG-ISPR also commented that the Islamic State (IS), also known as Deash, is not organized in Pakistan.

Speaking about Pakistan’s security challenges Major Gen Iftikhar Babar said “whether it was India’s nefarious designs or hybrid warfare, whether the challenges were internal or external, we not only identified them but also combatted them successfully and the world is recognising it too because the truth always prevails.”

We have come a long way as a nation as a society and as a military; however, we are not out of the bush yet, but we are almost there. He added, “the most important thing we stayed on the course, and we will remain on the course no matter what.”

He added that “despite all these challenges, the state, institutions, the armed forces and intelligence agencies and most importantly the Pakistani people faced these challenges as a united front.”


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