ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the common citizens to use Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) for effectively resolving their complains.

Lauding PCP for its commitment to empower common citizens, Prime Minister’s office Twitter account shared that, “Pakistan Citizen’s Portal has crossed 3 million users with 2.4 million out of 2.6 million complaints resolved.” It also said 591,000 people have expressed their satisfaction with portal services.

The portal was created by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz in September especially as an outreach resource for people from far-flung areas to file complaints with convenience and seek resolution of the issues related to different government departments.

The Federal Minister claims the distance between the government and the people had ended with the portal.

Member of staff, the author is a Political Science alumna from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She keeps an eye out for issues of social justice, censorship and our changing political discourse. She can be reached at


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