Lately, Pakistani dramas have been juggling the same old bechari syndrome along with some of the extremely regressive narratives. It is not an everyday story where a drama is able to carve out a name for itself in a unique light.

However, recently, Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay have been making waves all over the social media which depicts the audiences’ interest. The drama has done a great job at showcasing how childhood trauma clings to a child’s personality as they delve into adulthood. Portrayed immaculately by Kubra Khan, Mashal’s character shows how childhood trauma erodes a child’s sense of self and stability, undermining self-worth and often following the child into adulthood. The drama gives a glimpse of how Mashal’s childhood painted her adult life. Feelings of shame, guilt, feeling detached and unable to relate to others, difficulty regulating emotions and rage are some of the common symptoms that we see Mashal fighting on daily basis.

While it is commendable that Umera Ahmed has ventured into an unchartered territory of Pakistani drama themes, the rest of the themes appear redundant. From cousin marriage to two women pitting against each other and lusting after the same guy amid family politics, the overall vibe of the drama fails to impress.

Now, that Mashal has died and Mehreen (played by Mahira Khan) is home after being accused of killing her and later getting bailed by Safwan (Mehreen’s friend played by Haroon Shahid), one questions that is Aswad the real hero of the drama? Or is it Safwan who manages to take lead as the knight in shining armor by saving Mehreen-in-distress? Apparently, it is Aswad who is serving us the perfect recipe of a Pakistani hero, rich, superficially handsome and an international graduate, but latest episodes have shown that it is Safwan who wins hearts. One simple dialogue, “Mein tum sai poochnay aya hun k mein tumharay liye kya karsakta hun?” and Safwan becomes the secret champion. Hence, it would not be wrong to say “In a world full of Aswads, be a Safwan”.


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