Mehmet Bozdağ, the director of the widely broadcast and highly acclaimed series Kurulus Osman, aims to move the plot to break the monotony for the audience in the third season of the series. It will be released with an afresh plot as Mehmet stated that in the new season Osman Bey will embark on new ventures and victories with a strategy to establish a state.

The synopsis of season three has just been revealed on social media. The audience in the finale of season two sees Osman Bey vitalising and strengthening Turkish dominance with victories and advances. Commander Dukas is sent from Inegol. Meanwhile, Osman Bey and Malhan Hatun are blessed with a baby boy Orhan. He also learns the gleeful tidings that Bala Hatun, is also conceiving his baby.

In the upcoming third season, the audience will see a deviation in the plot. Osman will be seen establishing a newfound dominance with new characters and new challenges.

In a social media post, Mehmet stated that Osman in this season will be seen advancing into the western and the Anatolian world. They will portray his strategies and achievements in a new light. The audience will witness the transformed heroism of Osman.

Fans are also expecting the anticipation of Turgut Alp, a pivotal character of Dirilis Ertugrul who is widely popular in the audience. The death of Bamsi Bey has already been witnessed in season two of Kurulus Osman.

The appearance of Turgut is uncertain but it is certain that the most awaited season three is in the production phase and is expected to be released at the end of this year.

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