Indian authorities are under a conflagration on social media as the heart-wrenching video surfaced the social media in which the Indian forces along with a cameraman are seen lynching an unarmed man. The video surfaced in the midst of the illegal oppression of Muslims in Assam’s Darrana district of India where a brutal eviction drive under the Draconian NRC is underway as Prime Minister Modi’s election campaign.

On Thursday, the Indian authorities came under fire on Twitter after a video circulating on social media showed the police opening fire on locals in Assam and a cameraperson ruthlessly pounced on one of the men who had fallen motionless on the ground as a result of the attack.

The video shows policemen blindly firing bullets at unseen targets and as a man comes rushing towards them in retaliation the predators circles him and pounces on him with rods and sticks. As the man collapses to the ground, apparently due to a gunshot, lying motionless, a cameraperson runs towards him and repeatedly kicks him, and jumps on him as if feasting on the prey.

In recent months, India has seen countless hate crimes targeting Muslims especially in Asam and Seemanchal, where Muslims are asked by Hindu supremacist mobs to show their identity documents. With the recent court order along with the government’s directions, there are fears that the situation may push towards more mob vigilantism and violence in the already impoverished state under Modi’s fascist laws.

The extrajudicial killings in IIOJK and targeting of Bengali Muslims in Assam, Seemanchal seems to be the next flashpoint of the fascist Modi’s regime as the recent Patna High Court order mentions Seemanchal as “border areas” which will require “sensitization” on the part of common citizens on reporting ‘illegal migrants’.

Meanwhile, In IIOJK three men have been killed by Indian troops, and the Foreign Office of Pakistan in a statement condemned the extrajudicial killing of three men in the Uri sector along the Line of Control in IIOJK and the recent Assam incident. It said these killings were proof of India’s unabated state-terrorism against Muslims in India and Kashmiris in IIOJK.

At least, two people were reported dead in the incident that took place in the Sipajhar area of Assam’s Darrang district, where most residents are Muslims of Bangla origin.

Earlier in 2019, the state published a list of people it considered to be citizens rendering some 1.9 million excluded people virtually stateless.

Assam borders Bangladesh and has a sizeable population of Bengali-speaking Muslims and Hindus.

Many of those excluded from the list were sent to a detention center in the Goalpara district, while more than 10 other such centers have been planned in the state.

In the 2019 parliamentary elections, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won, the right-wing party promised a nationwide NRC in its election manifesto.


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