The United Nations Security Council has called an emergency meeting to discuss the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanisatn following the Taliban takeover and US drone strike.

The five member states of UNSC will meet on Monday, where France and Britain are expected to present a resolution. The proposal to built a safe zone in Afghanistan, which will provide protection to those trying to exit Afghanistan.

The US is also holding a virtual meeting with all the foreign ministers including Afghanistan to discuss the future strategy, just as the US evacuation reaches its last date.

Radio Pakistan reported that representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Qatar, the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) would attend the meeting.

The meetings come after the two deadly explosions outside Kabul Airport on Thursday. The explosions claimed over 100 lives, including13 US troops. The ISIS-Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attack.

The US President Joe Biden has sworn to avenge the deaths and has retaliated with drone strikes of his own. The Pentagon claimed to have killed two “facilitators and supporters’ of the ISIS-k. Soon after rockets were fired at the Kabul International Airport on Monday morning, killing many Afghans including children.

With the rise of the Taliban its neighbours and the west has become anxious about the security vacuum in Afghanistan. The recent actions of the ISIs-k legitimizes the fear of Afghanistan becoming the hub of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

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