Musk-induced tailspin shakes Twitter, offices temporarily closed
Musk-induced tailspin shakes Twitter, offices temporarily closed

Uncertainty has gripped the users worldwide, as the future of Twitter is in question with hundreds of employees deciding to leave the organisation as a result of Elon Musk’s policies.

The latest episode was triggered by an ultimatum by Musk, Twitter’s new boss, who asked staff to choose by Thursday between being “extremely hardcore” and working intense, long hours, or losing their jobs. The end result: Twitter’s offices abruptly shut down on Thursday as hundreds of employees refused to continue working under Musk’s new vision for the social platform.

“Going forward, to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we will need to be extremely hardcore,” Musk earlier wrote in the internal memo.   

“This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade,” he added.

Company officials told employees all buildings were being temporarily closed, effective immediately, and that their ability to renter with ID access was being suspended for the time being. The offices are expected to reopen Monday.

According to a poll, 42 percent of 180 people chose the answer “Taking exit option, I’m free!”

A quarter said they had chosen to stay “reluctantly”, and only 7 percent of the poll participants said they “clicked yes to stay, I’m hardcore.”

With the fewer people signing up to Musk’s offer, he and other executives attempted to personally convince some “critical” personnel to stay with the company. In one such meeting, some staffers who had called in via videoconference began to hang up after the 5 pm, even as Musk continued speaking.

The closure came about an hour after Musk’s 5 pm ET deadline for Twitter workers to officially sign on to his new “extremely hardcore” plans for the company. Less than 50% of the company’s remaining staff of roughly 4,000 people signed up to work at “Twitter 2.0,”as Insider reported, meaning they effectively resigned under the terms Musk offered.

The Tesla chief, has already fired half of the company’s 7,500 staff, scrapped a work-from-home policy, and imposed long hours, all while his attempts to overhaul Twitter have faced chaos and delays.

In this situation, renowned personalities and ordinary people across the world are expressing their anguish over the dreaded future of Twitter through tweets as they are praying for a bright future for one of most effective social media platforms.


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