Afghan police arrive at the site of an attack. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

On Sunday, unidentified gunmen shot dead two Afghan female judges working for the Supreme Court of Afghanistan in an early morning ambush in the Kabul.

The two judges, who have not yet been named, were killed and their driver wounded, in an attack at around 8:30 am, police said, adding the case was being investigated by security forces.

A wave of assassinations continues its rampage across the country; only last month several prominent journalists, human right activists and democracy advocates were assassinated. 

The assassinations and attacks continue despite the ongoing peace talks between the Taliban and government. The Afghan capital has especially been impacted by the recent surge in violence, having been targeted by rockets and deadly attacks on education institutes.

The judges were driving to their office in a court vehicle before being targetted, confirmed Ahmad Fahim Qaweem, a spokesman for the Supreme Court. “Unfortunately, we have lost two women judges in today’s attack. Their driver is wounded,” Qaweem told AFP.

There are more than 200 female judges working for the country’s top court, the spokesman added.

Afghan authorities have blamed the Taliban for the attacks, the Taliban have denied involvement in the attack. Some of the previous killings have been claimed by the Islamic State group, which has recently increased its activity in the region.


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