Our predictions are based off of multiple polls and data sources, including ABC/WashingtonPost, RavenPack, FiveThirtyEight, MIT Election Data, Fox News, CNN/SSRS, Monmouth University, and Yahoo Polls.

These predictions are based on RavenPack, FiveThirtyEight, MIT Election Data and ScienceLab 2017 data.

These predictions are based on CNN and FiveThirtyEight polls.

The data for this map is collected from RavenPack Elections, ABC/Washington Post (Oct. 6 – Oct. 9), Fox News (Oct. 3 – Oct. 6), CNN/SSRS (Oct 1. – Oct. 4), Monmouth University (Sept. 24 – Sept. 27).

Swing state polling averages are based off of Yahoo Polls (Oct. 13).


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