Shah Mahmood Qureshi Foreign Minister urged the world to cope with and recognize the new reality emerging in Afghanistan on Friday. 

The Foreign Minister made the comments while addressing a press conference in Islamabad alongside Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares after holding delegation-level talks.

The minister said that a new reality has emerged in Afghanistan and the best way forward would be an international agreement rather than international isolation. 

Qureshi stressing on a new approach that does not involve the policy of intimidation, pressure, and coercion added that the older approach of intimidation had failed and “will not be helpful for Afghanistan, the region and eventually not be helpful for [the world],”

The foreign minister pointed to the resumption of the evacuation of foreigners on Thursday when a flight left Kabul for Doha and said that such developments were in line with the demands of the international community.

“Be positive and encourage [the Taliban] to stay on course,” 

“There is recognition of a new reality and there is the awareness that engagement is required and that dialogue can be useful,” Qureshi said, adding that while the desire to engage was present, there was no “rush to recognize”.

The foreign minister reiterated that the world had to focus immediately on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. “We have to chip in,” he said.

Qureshi also appreciated the effort of an upcoming conference in Geneva on how the international community could contribute to averting a humanitarian crisis and raising funds for Afghans.

The Foreign Minister also mentioned the role of Pakistan in regard to Afghanistan. He said, “We will continue to do that through the air and land routes and the international community should also do their bit,” 

He pointed out that he had criticized the decision of freezing Afghan funds earlier adding that the decision has to be revisited. 


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