Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday, inaugurated the olive plantation drive in Nowshera. On the occasion, the premier said that these olives will bring foreign exchange to Pakistan. The PTI government will plant almost 50 million olive trees across Pakistan under the billion tree tsunami program, he further added.

PM Imran also touched upon the food security issue and said, “There was a time when we used to export wheat and now we are importing four million tonnes of wheat along with sugar and edible oil.”

The premier talking also emphasised on the climate change challenges that Pakistan is facing and urged the public to plant trees for a greener future.

Malik Amin Aslam, the Federal Minister and Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Climate Change said that this programme has been designed for areas that are facing water shortages.

Currently, Pakistan is importing a lot of of olive oil which can be reduced in the future with this project.

He said that 10% of the trees planted in this programme will be fruit trees. Although, taking care of fruit trees is costly but they have unlimited advantages.

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