At least eight people were killed, while nine others were injured in a clash between two tribal groups in Lower Kurram on Thursday, reported via Express News.

The tribes clashed over a property dispute, in Mahora area near KPK. The members opened fire at each other resulting in numerous casulties and injuries. The injured and deceased were transferred to district hospital in Peshawar.

The police informed that the dispute was ongoing for a long time and the clash was an effort to settle the dispute.

In May, another tribal clash over livestock animals had claimed the lives of 10 people of a family in Kashmore-Kandhkot district, Sindh.

The assailants belonged to the Jagirani and Sabozi tribes, they attacked the Zaman chachar village killing nine men.

The Chachar community complained about the police’s negligience which had allowed the culprits to escape. Following the killings, the two sides continued to exchange fire for some hours, setting up pickets in their respective areas.

It is the failure of Pakistan’s law enforcement. Extra judicial killings have increased overtime, in a number of issues. It is a sign that the people lack trust in the justice system and take matters into their own hands. This trend has taken numerous innocent lives and will continue to do so if a strict action isn’t taken.

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