The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a Pakistan sponsored resolution, restating the right to self-determination for victims of colonial, foreign and alien occupation.

“By adopting our resolution, the General Assembly has reaffirmed our legal, political and moral case in support of all peoples, including the Kashmiri people, to struggle for self-determination against foreign occupation by all means available to them,” Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Munir Akram told APP news agency.

“This resolution empowers legitimate freedom movement and renews international commitment to help those living under occupation and subjugation,” Akram declared.

“Pakistan will continue to speak up for all peoples who are suffering under foreign occupation.”

“This has been a corner stone of our foreign policy and we are proud to be a voice of the voiceless.” he added.

As per this resolution, the General Assembly would reinstate the universal realization of the rights of all peoples, including those under colonial, foreign and alien domination, to self-determination as a fundamental condition for the effective guarantee and observance of human rights.


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