In two different incidents, Karachi university and a foreign national were targeted by the unknown terrorists in the metropolis on Monday.

Early in the morning, an owner of a Chinese restaurant was targeted by two unknown assailants. The method of attack was quite different from what has been witnessed before in Karachi – resembling a Mumbai mafia-style hit. Instead of planting the bomb beforehand, two terrorist on motorcycles came close to the moving vehicle of the Chinese national and placed a sticky bomb on the door. After speeding a few meters away, they pressed the detonator button but luckily the explosive was not properly attached with the remote detonator – the detonator exploded on its own. However, the vehicle and the Chinese national remained safe. The police said the attackers had attached one kilogram explosive material to the car.

Later, in another incident motorcycle riders threw a “cracker” – a home made explosive device – at the second gate of the Karachi University. Two Rangers personal and a civilian were injured in this attack.

“The attack took place at Karachi University’s Sheikh Zayed gate,” police confirmed. “The men came on a motorcycle and fled after throwing the cracker at the gate,” said SSP East. Police officials confirmed that Rangers officials were the target of the attack.


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