The shortage of CNG supply in Sindh is making it expensive to commute across the city. Rickshaw drivers in the province are using the situation as an excuse to charge higher fares. 

The industrial sector has also been adversely affected. The gas supply shortage is making it increasingly difficult for the industries to keep up with export orders.    

The closure of CNG stations is expected to continue till July 7.

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) had cut the supply to the CNG station and industrial segment in the province to make up for the gas shortage all across the country. Accumulation of gas has lowered the usual cross-nation supply grid to around 177 mmcfd. 

The SSGC is yet to undertake any full-scale measures to resolve the shortage and low gas pressure across the country.  

All Pakistan CNG Association Chairman Khalid Latif said that Rs450 billion have been invested in the CNG sector; but, the future is bleak. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been displaced from the CNG sector; they have been brought to the brink of disaster. 

All Pakistan CNG Association Group Leader Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that the policies of the energy sector were not in line with the ground realities. “The crisis will continue until the CNG sector is allowed to import its gas. Gas companies are destroying people’s businesses and taking away jobs,” he said, “If we import our gas, the load shedding will end, and the government will generate Rs82 billion; but, this is not acceptable to a few bureaucrats.” He further added that the CNG sector in Punjab and Sindh uses imported gas; so, it has nothing to do with reducing domestic gas production, nor does it have any justification to cut off gas.


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